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“The Pit Bull Placebo: Media, Myth, Law and Companion Dogs” March 14th

Please join Temple Student Animal Legal Defense Fund and the National Canine Research Council for a special presentation on "The Pit Bull Placebo: Media, Myth, Law and Companion Dogs." 

In The Pit Bull Placebo:  The Media Myths and Politics of Canine Aggression, Karen Delise, Founder of the National Canine Research Council, identified the steps by which bloodhounds, German Shepherds, and Dobermans were vilified in the public imagination decades ago. The same process, in concert with government,  has now descended on the group of dogs called pit bulls. These dogs have been stripped of all the traits that we value in dogs, legislating against them on the basis of monster myths and urban legend.
This presentation will explain that process, including developments in sociology and behavioral science that support Delise’s analysis. By understanding what has happened, both in recent years and in the past, the legal community can help to change public attitudes toward animal abuse, including toward criminals who fight dogs; put dog-related injuries in a proper perspective; and establish a standard of responsible pet ownership owners of all dogs.



Monday, March 14th at 6:00 pm

Where: Moot Court Room

Please contact 

samantha.jones (at) temple (dot) edu 

with any questions.




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