Take the Sustainability Pledge!

Temple University is pleased to launch the Sustainability Pledge, which is one of the action items from our Climate Action Plan.    

The “Sustainability Pledge Drive” challenges the Temple Community to 

make a commitment to live more sustainably in all areas of their lives, including transportation alternatives, energy use, food choices, waste reduction and water conservation. It is available online and only takes a few seconds to complete. Participating students, staff and faculty are asked to select the sustainable behaviors they intend to adopt. The Office of Sustainability will be tracking the success of the Sustainability Pledge Drive and will be posting weekly updates on the Office of Sustainability’s website.   

The University’s goal will be to gather 3,000 signatures by April 22 (Earth Day).


The pledge is accessible on the following website:



Please put "law school" for school.

If you have any questions please email your representative at ewelde (at) temple (dot) edu.


>>>> To receive the DIGEST format of the SBALAW listserv, please email listserv@listserv.temple.edu with the following as the text of your email: SET SBALAW DIGEST

Please send this e-mail from your Temple email address.

Visit the SBA website at http://www.temple.edu/studentbar. >>>


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